Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Code for fun..!

         Just wrote a small 3 lines shell script which is capable of searching any random place on Google Map. Try it on your linux boxes! For those who prefer windows, I am sorry to say that this code will not run on your machines. I work on linux system and so I am using some linux specific commands in the script!

         So here goes the shell script!

while [ $? == 0 ]
    zenity --info --text="Do not use spaces between multiple words. Instead use the + sign. For example 'new+delhi and not new delhi'"

    search=`zenity --title "Google Maps Location Search" --entry --text "Search: "`

    if [ $search ==  ]

        zenity --question --text="Do you wish to search another location?"



        zenity --question --text="Do you wish to search another location?"


        See the results for yourself! It's simple and easy. Shell scripting and GIS together is so much fun!