UFO or what?

       Is it really an UFO or what, was the question that struck my mind when I saw the following image on Google Maps.

         This object looks like a perfect circular light object surrounded by multiple circular lights equidistant from the central light sphere. You can also see a single ray of light between each of the outer spherical lights and the inner spherical light globe. This UFO is located on the the Laguna AAF Airport in Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona. You can see the object for yourself by typing the coordinates 32.866436,-114.385992 into Google Maps.

         Now this UFO could also be an helicopter as seen from above. Good and logical explanation some would say. But, photographs of an helicopter with or without their blades rotating look nothing like the image that we see on Google Maps. Moreover, even with the rotating blades, the main central body of the helicopter should have been clearly visible. Don't you think so?

        Well, I clearly think and believe that though the above image might not be a UFO, there definitely are UFOs. What do you think? Any theory that you can come up with to prove whether the above sighting is a UFO or something else?

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