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Panoramio Hangout Game

Google has launched a new web based game powered by the Panoramio and Google+ Hangouts platform. The concept of the game is to guess where a photo was taken on Google Maps. You compete with your friends to make the best guess. The game is played in rounds. In every round, one player is the round master and the other players are the guessers. The round master chooses a photo. Then the other players take guesses at where the photo was taken from. When the time is up, the player who made the best guess wins, and becomes the round master for the next round.

    In more detail…
The round master sees a map. He or she can drag and zoom the map, or enter a place name in the search box. Meanwhile, the guessers need to wait.Next to the map, the round master sees a selection of photos from the area shown in the map.The round master chooses a photo by clicking on it.If the round master is satisfied with the photo, he can click on "start…