Better Late, Than Never

    A huge announcement from the members of the jQuery Mobile development team came in late last week! Amongst huge speculations that the extremely popular jQuery Mobile project was not being worked upon and that there would be no more versions or updates, the jQuery Mobile team lead has announced that the project is pretty much alive and being worked on!

    What a huge sigh of relief for jQuery Mobile lovers like myself! They are working on the next version of jQuery Mobile - 1.5 and though they have not committed on a final date of release, it is pretty certain that the newest version of the popular mobile web framework will soon see the light of day. There are some pretty huge things happening on the jQuery Mobile project and you can read the original blog post on the jQuery Mobile website. If you want the highlights, continue to read on!

  1. jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile will now share components. jQuery Mobile now shares the new and improved jQuery UI core. This clearly means that, all the developers out there who wanted to consume the jQuery UI components or widgets into jQuery Mobile web applications, will now have it ready out of the box.
  2. The upcoming version v1.5 will not have all the jQuery UI widgets, but will eventually have complete integration.
  3. jQuery Mobile will finally have in-built support for draggable, droppable and sortable from jQuery UI.
  4. The work on auto-enhancement that began in 1.4 continues in the new version too, with data-role becoming it's own stand alone module.
  5. The love story with jQuery UI continues - The 2 projects are merging their testing infrastructure too.
  6. In the future, not in v1.5, the 2 projects will also merge their efforts to build a common theme and theme roller.
  7. jQuery Mobile is taking a huge step towards improving their touch support. To this end, they will be teaming up with the very popular Hammer,js library and also joining efforts with Pointer Events Polyfill (PEP).
  8. A huge step in browser support. The framework will no longer support the older browsers and older OS versions. The framework will now be supporting the recent and the latest browsers and mobile OS versions.
  9. In the upcoming version, no workarounds or bug fixes for these older browsers and older OS versions, would be removed, but moving towards v1.6 these things would be removed. This clearly means that jQuery Mobile will be losing some weight and will be getting much lean and healthier :)

    This gives us a clear idea that jQuery Mobile is working towards making huge improvements to the framework and we can expect to see huge changes in the upcoming versions. Keep your excitement up and following the jQuery Mobile framework.

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