jQuery Mobile's Next Big Step

    A huge shout out to the jQuery Mobile team for releasing jQuery Mobile 1.5.0-alpha.1. This has been long overdue. This release is huge - Tons of issues fixed, integration with jQueryUI and a bunch of new and re-written widgets. In their own words - "We have closed and fixed hundreds of bugs getting to our lowest bug count since the initial release of jQuery Mobile!" That's how big the release is! Take a look at the Dev Demos they have hosted!

    The new and improved jQuery Mobile looks so much more better than it's predecessors. Give it a try and look around. It's time to upgrade soon. Some of the major changes that have happened are listed below.

Modularized code
    Entire code is now modularized so that you can now include only the code that you need in your jQuery Mobile application. This should make your application lighter.

NPM Support
    NPM support is finally here. The jQuery Mobile npm-package is now completely owned and maintained by the jQuery Mobile team.

Bug Fixes
    Like I have previously mentioned, the jQuery Mobile team and closed and fixed hundreds of bugs which means we have the most stable alpha release yet! Kudos team!

jQuery 3.x support
    Phew! jQuery 3.x is now officially supported! Finally!

IE is not smiling and so is Android

    This latest version of jQuery Mobile now officially drops support for IE10 and below and Android 4.4 and below!

New Widgets (Integration with jQueryUI)
    This is probably one of the biggest feature of this release. jQuery Mobile's love affair with jQueryUI finally begins! Controlgroup, checkboxradio and button widgets have been incorporated from jQueryUI. The accordion widget has replaced the traditional collapsible and collapsible set widgets. These two widgets have been deprecated.

Re-written widgets
    Couple of existing widgets - the navbar and table have been written from scratch to include new features, performance and modularization improvements.

    With all these changes and a new, cleaner, smoother look, jQuery Mobile seems like it might survive the tough competition it is receiving from its competitors. What remains to be validated is how performant is this new release of jQuery Mobile. In the times when millions of pages are being AMPlified every single day, would jQuery Mobile survive this heat? Let's check how the adoption looks like for this new release and we will soon find out.

    Until next time! Happy weekend everyone. Let me know your thoughts on this new release and if you have tried it out yet!

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